• Wintarsih Universitas Bale Bandung
  • Trisa Srinita Pertiwi Universitas Bale Bandung


Scaffolding, Teaching Writing, Recount Text


The research paper entitled “The Use of scaffolding in Teaching Writing”. This research aimed to know whether or not scaffolding technique is effective to teach writing ability and to know the students’ responses toward using Scaffolding technique in learning writing. The research was quantitative research and it was conducted by using pre-experimental design which consists of one group and it also investigated by using pre-test, treatment and post-test. This research chose the eighth grade of MTs Al-Falah Banjaran as population and 30 students of VIII B class taken as the sample of the research. The researcher used questionnaire to know students’ responses towards learning writing by using scaffolding as research instruments. To analyse the data, the mean score of pre-test was compared to the mean score of post- test. The research findings show that the mean score of pre-test is 44.83 and the mean score of post-test is 64.66. The increase of the means from pre-test to post test was significant, proved by the derived t is higher than critical t (13.24 > 2.045). It means that there was significant difference between mean score after using scaffolding in teaching students writing. The questionnaire was distributed to know students responses towards the use of scaffolding. The result showed that almost all of students liked and agreed with the use of scaffolding technique and help student to write recount text and it means that students gave the positive responses to the use of scaffolding technique. In conclusion, the use of scaffolding in teach writing is effective, and the students also like being taught writing using this technique.